positivethinkingforlosers asked: Hey, This is Tort-time here. Just wanted to make sure you saw that I answered your question as best I could. I hope it was somewhat helpful and not too annoying. How’s your little sulcata is doing alright.


thank you so much! 🙂 He’s doing absolutely stellar – when you mentioned the UVB lamp I noticed I didn’t leave his on long enough! (fail.) + I have been giving him long baths so his squeak is cured. I’m definitely going to take your advice and your suggested websites for future reference! 

Peace, Love and Harmony! Love the blog. :3 

Hey! I’m so glad! I have been in your position with zoya. I definitely don’t think you fail at all.  I did so many things wrong with Zoya and if I hadn’t asked all kinds of questions (and If I don’t continue to do so.. since I can’t tell you Im doing things right  just as right as I know currently.. ) I don’t think zoya would be doing as well as I hope she is. I think its awesome that you are taking the time to figure out whats best for your little one. Anyway, woot to no more squeaking! Submit some pictures if you get the chance. I bet he’s a cutie 😀

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