Help a turtle this holiday season!


When you do your holiday shopping this year, please remember your shelled friends. 

American Tortoise Rescue – The king of the turtle/tortoise rescues, ATR not only engages in all kinds of reptile-related activism, but sponsors World Turtle Day (obviously, the best day) every year. You can donate materials in addition to cash, so do check out their donations page for more information.

Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre – KTTC is a turtle emergency hospital in Peterborough, Ontario keen on preserving the native species of Canada. They’re pretty much my favorite turtle charity because of the aid they provide common snapping turtles, so I highly encourage you to donate to them. Also, if you’re looking for a special something for the turtle lover in your life, they have a turtle store that benefits the charity.  

Little Res Q – Located in Canada, Little Res Q cares for and rehouses red eared sliders and other pet turtles. If you’re in the area and looking for a new pet, why not give a turtle a home? There are some special-needs turtles would be happy with an advanced hobbyist. Also, you can always help by making a donation.

Sponsor a NEAQ turtle – The New England Aquarium, located in Boston, MA, allows you to sponsor green sea turtles or Kemp’s ridley sea turtles. Sponsorship comes with various benefits, including a behind-the-scenes tour, making this an excellent choice for a holiday gift if you’re in the Boston area.

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