Slow to get started but T3 the tortoise is a mum at age 90.

And Galapagos tortoise T3 is also a cougar: the two possible fathers at Dubbo Western Plains Zoo are 40 and 41. It is the first time a Galapagos tortoise – the fifth longest-living animals in the world, with some being recorded as reaching 177 years of age – has been bred in captivity in Australasia.

T3′s baby, named NJ, will be alive long after every keeper, and the youngest human visitor to Dubbo Western Plains Zoo, has passed away.

NJ was born in early March but the zoo won’t know its gender for five years.

It will take NJ that long to reach just 30cm and decades more before achieving an adult size of around 300kg.

NJ is not yet on public display, but there will be a century and a half or longer to see the new addition to the zoo.

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