Now that is just adorable, mostly one adorable tortoise! I remember those guys from the Miami Zoo back when I lived there. Awesome. Also, of course Salma Hayek and and Valentina stop to appreciate the tortoises, that’s how we Latina’s roll. We appreciate the turtles and torts for their awesomeness and don’t find it odd when you group them with cats and dogs. Hear that American Airlines?

Now to re watch season 3 of 30 rock. Cause the whole thing is genius and features the aforementioned tortoise lover and her daughter.

So, Salma Hayek, how much horsepower do you get on a giant tortoise?

The actress, on vacation in Miami with husband Francois Pinault and their 3-year-old daughter, Valentina, visited the tourist attraction Jungle Island, where they each took turns riding a giant tortoise.

Little Valentina sat high on the tortoise’s shell while Mom held on to her hand. When it was Hayek’s turn to get on the tortoise, the actress used both hands to hang on for the ride.

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