“Dr. Cori”, age 7, assists with the surgery of sea turtle “Keisha”, a plush toy and teaching tool,  thanks to the Sea Turtle Conservancy’s AdvoKids program.

— Cori McWilliams, 7, was one of 12 children chosen from a pool of more than 50 children to participate in the “Vet for a Day” program at the Loggerhead Marinelife Center’s annual TurtleFest in June Beach on April 9.

During the program, “Dr. Cori” received a plush sea turtle that was suffering from an ailment commonly found in sea turtles: inability to eat due to a fishing hook being lodged in its throat. Under the supervision of Melissa Ranly [LMC Hospital Coordinator] and Dr. Nancy Mettee [LMC Veterinarian], Cori followed the procedures that would have been followed if her plush sea turtle was living: an initial examination and assessment of the animal, taking x-rays, performing surgery [in this case, to remove the fishing hook], and learning about the necessary follow-up care of the animal. All procedures were performed in LMC’s sea turtle hospital.

(source http://tortoiseblog.com/local-student-becomes-vet-for-a-day)

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