Hello humom! Today you cleaned my tank, put in new substrate, got me a new hide, and filled my water dish! Know how I’ll thank you? By burying the new hide, turning my water bowl into a mud spa, defecating everywhere, and then standing on my hide, butt facing you, hissing for attention for an hour!
(This is not my tortoise. I assure you if I owned one I would not put them in a glass tank. Unfortunately my sister refuses to listen to me)


My brother saw this turtle in the middle of road on his way home.

Didn’t want him/her to get run over or break someone’s vehicle

So he brought it home

He is taking the turtle to the zoo so they can find a safe place to relocate it

For those concerned about kitty, her name is Jellyfish

She was given to my mom by a lady whose grandbaby was allergic to cats so she gave the cat to us

She’s in no pain. She can eat drink and use a shallow litterbox with the puppy training potty pad

She has what’s called Cerebellar hypoplasia

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Mom, this looks weird!Tis is not at all what my costume is supposed to look like, Mom!Much better!Stretching my costume over the edges of my shell works perfectly!Even the back of my shell is covered!The stretchiness of this yarn is an unexpected perk!So have you gotten around to the noms part of my costume yet, Mom?!


Costume fitting snapshots:  This year’s shaggy blue yarn doesn’t hold its shape the same way as the yarn Mom usually uses for my costumes, so at first, Mom was worried my costume wouldn’t fit right.  But this blue yarn unexpectedly is a bit stretchy, which means it snaps snugly over the edges of my shell to fit me perfectly!

Blue is definitely your color, Kirby!


Caption this video!

Imagine what the cat (named Chevy) and the tortoise (named Jack Jack) might be saying in this little exchange. Post ‘em in the comments!

Keep it family appropriate 🙂

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This #gophertortoise just giving me that suspicious look from his burrow. #tortoise can live a long time, this one can live until 40-60 years in the wild. Some of their burrows can be as much as 48’ long though this one is likely much shorter. Hope he enjoys a #beautifulfla day in #boyntonbeach #fl #florida (at Boynton Beach, Florida)