could somebody help me id this tortoise? her previous owners don’t know/wont tell me. i’m taking her in on monday, and i want to know what i’m getting into. i’m thinking she’s a russian tortoise, but i don’t know for sure.

I’d definitely agree thats a Russian Tortoise just like Zoya! They have a ton of personality, love to get into trouble and climb in, out, up and under things.

if you need care advice I absolutely recommend . Great resource for everything from diet, husbandry, lighting etc etc. even some good tips on plants you can grow as food. 



Please spread if possible. Roads and cars have devastating effects on reptile and amphibian populations

Oh and, share a story of something you’ve done to help reptiles or amphibians (bonus if you include pictures) and I’ll make or write you something!

What a wonderful info graphic! It’s that time of year folks! Keep your eyes peeled and help our scaley friends get where they are going if they need it.

We always break for scaley friends even if the other humans get mad. I mean, we gotta keep faces like this one around for generations to come!