If Mom won't bring me breakfast in bed, then I'll move my bed over to my plate!What do you mean my coconut is too small for me?!  I can still get out if I really try, see?


Exciting news:  I am now big enough to drag my coconut around with me everywhere I go!  Now I can park myself right by my food plate—When I’m hungry, my noms are right there, and when I’m full, I can just turn around and take a nap!

What do you mean, I have now officially outgrown my coconut?!?

YAH! you got an extra shell now Kirby! So cool!

Zoya has dreamt of playing in the world cup since she was a tiny tort! She’s been working on her goalie skills and toughening up her headbutt by sliding off the top of her log and faceplanting in the dirt below. I’m trying to be supportive so I yell “GOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLL” every time she lands.