Mercury Vapor Bulbs?

Hey reptiblr, I’m curious as to what your thoughts are on using mercury vapor bulbs for UVB, light, and heat. I’m designing an enclosure for a Greek tortoise right now and I’ve heard a lot of different things about using them as the primary source of light and heat. Does anyone have any experience with MVBs? Are they a solid choice? Any brands/types that are recommended?


In terms of my tortoise Indi, what is your current lockdown emotion? via /r/tortoise By:TheMoonIsLovely –

Hmm I think I’m 8. I’m inside my human log but on the balcony so sorta outside and mostly just need a nap … then again Im also clutching a pint of ice cream while collapsed on the couch so maybe 9.. 

Zoya is a 2 and a 9.. why won’t the lady put down the ice cream and feed me??


I got to hold @britwinner’s turtle for the first time!
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Here is a little story:

In my last semester of the career, I got severely depressed due to a traumatic breakup.

I couldn’t concentrate and I was losing it. I was not going to graduate.

But with therapy and medical help, I could overcome it and I finally graduated law school clean and good.

My gift for my graduation was this tortoise, an Aldabra Tortoise. Her name is Obsidian.

Every time I see her, I remind myself of how strong am I and how I am of myself for doing the right thing.